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Presented by The Roberta Bondar Foundation, Within The Landscape ~ Art Respecting Life is a Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience on the theme of Biodiversity and Extinction. The Exhibition is an opportunity for human reflection and helps people understand the diversity of species that provides ecosystem services; their importance to sustaining human lives; and the natural beauty that is present on our planet. The Exhibition’s theme and other activities of the Foundation help forge an emotional bond between nature and the individual.

As part of The Foundation's lecture series, Dr. Bondar addresses visitors to the Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience entitled Within The Landscape ~ Art Respecting Life.

Dr. Bondar speaks to the work of The Foundation and its Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience at the First Canadian Place Gallery where the opening of the first Exhibition took place.

Dr. Bondar discusses biodiversity and provides tips on photographing natural environments to students as part of the Bondar Challenge.

Students discuss images in the Travelling Exhibition on the theme of Biodiversity and Extinction prior to participating in the Bondar Challenge.

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