The Wild Chickadee

Name: Pavreet Gill
Date/time: Friday, April 15, 2011, around 10.30 am
Title: The Wild Chickadee
Weather at the time: about 2C˚
Type of camera used: Canon Power Shot A570IS
Camera settings: Auto
Handheld or tripod: handheld

The goal of my photo was to capture this small little chickadee as it fluttered about, which was so difficult when it is in a world much bigger than it. Also, it was hard to maneuver around the tree, get up close and zoom in without scaring the little chickadee. The chickadee is such a small creature in the large habitat in which it lives.

When I was taking the picture I wanted to include the rule of thirds. The bird is aligned with the rule of thirds in the top left corner. The branch of the tree leads the eye of the viewer to the chickadee which is the focal point. The chickadee is looking off to the side and it makes you wonder what it is looking at. Also you can see there is some green in the corner so it makes you wonder what season it is because you only see a little green. This should make the viewer curious.

My photo shows the type of area the chickadee lived in. My photograph shows that this chickadee is living in a forest. The place where the photo was taken was once a farm that is in the Mixed Wood Plains (Terrestrial Ecozone of Canada classification system). That area had been in secondary succession because the land had deteriorated due to human misuse and the trees were replanted and grew without any human interference.

To appreciate science we need to enjoy little birds like chickadees. Earlier we had fed the curious little birds because they need the vital nutrients the seeds give them. The food chain always starts with the sun and water, helping the little plants in which the sunflower seeds grow from. Those seeds are eaten by the little chickadees, which either die or are eaten by larger predators. Then the worms decompose the chickadees into soil. Finally when the seed is planted in the soil, the food chain starts once again.

To enhance my photo by changing the auto setting I think I could have changed the light and colour in my photo. In doing so it would have brought more warmth into the picture instead of the cold dull colours.


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