The Magic Bloom of Life

Name of Photographer: Gauri Goyal
Date/time of photograph: Tuesday April.14th, 2011, 10:48am
Title of the photograph: The Magic Bloom of Life
Weather at the time of the photo: cool, sunny
Type of camera used: Sony digital camera
Camera settings: zoom, grid display
Handheld or tripod: Handheld


In my photo, I wanted a unique view of the light purple flowers with the tree bark as a background. My aim was achieved since people may look at the flowers from the top and I showed them a side view.

What makes this picture attractive to me is the texture in the bark and in the hepatica flower petals. Also the angle of view since I got closer, avoiding clutter. Furthermore, the purple petals standing out from the brown bark easily catches your eye.

The biome represented in my photo is the forest dominated by deciduous trees. I took this photo at Jack Smythe Field Centre, near Caledon, Ontario. Therefore, my ecozone is the Mixed Wood Plains. The biotic factors shown within this biome are the hepatica light purple flowers.

There is so much biodiversity in our world that sometimes we don’t take the time to realise the beauty within nature. My photograph contributes to an appreciation of science because the diversity of my flower can inspire scientific inquiry. In addition, these flowers symbolize the beauty of all living things and how we should protect and appreciate nature.

This photo can be improved if I avoided the flower shown in the bottom right corner. In conclusion, we should appreciate the beauty within the diverse nature and protect our ecosystem instead of destroying it.

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