It’s Ok To Be Different

Name of photographer: Natasha Bedi
Date and time photograph was taken: April 13, 2011 at 5:40 pm
Title of photograph: It’s Ok to be Different
Weather at the time photograph was taken: Sunny with slight wind
Type of camera used: Canon power shot SD870 IS
Camera settings: Auto
Photograph was taken handheld


The aim of my photograph was to capture something really unique. I am so proud that I took this photograph because when I saw this White Birch tree surrounded by this deciduous and coniferous forest, I realized how beautiful and precious nature could be.

My photograph is taken in a landscape view. This photograph almost follows the rule of thirds horizontally as well as vertically. Horizontally a third of the picture is grass, a third of the picture is sky and a third of the picture is forest. The focal point is the White Birch tree and it stands out from the vertical lines of the other trees in the background. The white colour of the tree is distinctive and this focal point is off center.

The Ecozone this photograph is taken in is Mixed Wood Plains (Terrestrial Ecozone of Canada classification system). The location of this photograph is Mansfield Outdoor Centre, which includes a forest biome. This tree may also represent extinction because in the photograph it seems like there is only one White Birch tree left in this world.

My photograph could be improved if I would have taken the photograph at sunset, so that the sky would have looked more beautiful and colourful.


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