Beautiful Things Come In Different Ways

Name of Photographer: Zuha Ather
Date and Time of the Photograph: 04/14/11
Title of the Photograph: Beautiful Things Come In Different Ways
Weather at the time of the Photo: Windy, cool
Type of camera used: Kodak Easyshare
Camera settings: Manual
Handhelds or Tripods: Handheld


What I had in mind while I was taking the photo was to get one of the little plants to show Biodiversity as well as Extinction. The photograph also shows the rule of thirds because one third of it was the two little plants and the other two thirds show the decomposed leaves and a little bit of another plant. I also wanted to try not putting the focal point in the middle but off to one side.

When I was looking through the picture for some interesting aspects of spring time.  I was surprised by what I saw.  If you look carefully the little plant’s roots are growing out of one of the decomposed leaves, and it made me curious. I felt the dead maple leaf and the new leaf. There was a big difference in the texture of the dead maple leaves and the new green leaf. The dead leaf was very rough and if I rubbed it would be crushed into tiny pieces and the Dog Toothed Violet (Trout Lily) leaf had a very waxy feeling.

The Ecozone is Mixed Wood Plains (Terrestrial Ecozone of Canada classification system). The exact location where the photograph was taken was at Jack Smythe Field Centre, near Caledon, Ontario. This field centre includes a deciduous hardwood forest biome.

The appreciation of science in the picture is shown by biodiversity and extinction because of the decomposed Maple leaves with the healthy growing Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum) growing out of it.  New grows from old.

This photograph can be improved by having the twig removed from the top right-hand corner and zooming in and taking the photograph only where the root of the plant is coming out of the leaf.

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