A Beautiful Bird

Name of Photographer: Mehardeep Cheema
Date/time of photograph: April 15th, 2011
Title of the photograph: A Beautiful Bird Sitting On a Tree
Weather at the time of the photo:  Sunny and a little windy
Type of camera used: Fujifilm
Camera settings: ISO 800
Handheld or tripod: Hand held


The aim of my photograph was to take a picture of a beautiful chickadee sitting calmly on a branch.  It is very hard to take a close-up picture of a moving creature.  I wanted to zoom in so that people can see the details of this black-capped chickadee that cannot be seen from afar.

The branch that this chickadee is sitting on is standing out more than the other branches because it is the focal point of the picture.  On some of the branches you can see the reflection of the sun and half the chickadee is lighter because of the sunlight. I also adjusted the ISO to 800 and turned the flash off.

This photo shows a living creature interacting in its habitat which is at Jack Smythe Field Center located north of Brampton and close to Caledon Ontario.  This picture shows you part of the deciduous hardwood forest biome..  The tree that this bird was sitting on has very little leaves except there were a few flower buds.  This photograph was taken in the Mixed Wood Plains Ecozone (Terrestrial Ecozone of Canada Classification System).

The photograph shows an appreciation of science because a bird is a symbol of life.  Without birds, the world would be a much more boring place.  Birds add colour, beauty and sound to the world.

I can improve my picture by not placing the bird in the middle.  It might have been better to use the rule of thirds.  I can get rid of the clutter by moving in a little more because the zoom was maximum or I can try taking the picture from a different angle.  It would also be better if I had a longer zoom lens.


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