Winners Spring 2011

The following are the winners of the elementary school Bondar Challenge pilot program held in the Spring of 2011 in Brampton, Ontario.  These images and essays will travel with the Foundation’s Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience to its next community in the Fall, 2011. The school has adopted the Bondar Challenge as part of its annual calendar of student activities. Congratulations to all participants. Please click on a photo to see the student’s essay.

Winner – “Eroded Red Worms” by Karanveer Banga

Winner – “It’s Ok to be Different” by Natasha Bedi

Winner – “The Wild Chickadee” by Pavreet Gill

Winner – “The Magic Bloom of Life” by Gauri Goyal

Honourable Mention – “Beautiful Things Come In Different Ways” by Zuha Ather

Honourable Mention – “A Beautiful Bird Sitting on a Tree” by Mehardeep Cheena

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