Warming on the Rocks

by Jesse Cooper-McKinnon
Whitefish Island
windy but sunny at 17 degrees Celsius
Cannon Powershot A710 IS
Automatic Handheld

When I took the picture of the snake the only thing going through my mind was is there going to be too much light, will I catch him on the right angle, will I have enough time before he moves? All of these aspects were going on in my head and everything turned out nicely. Out of all my shots I got the one I wanted and my aim or goal on the picture was complete.

In my point of view I believe that the true artistic aspect of the photo was the stripes that stand out amazingly. The glowing red eyes of the young garter snake and the texture in the rock both stand out. The science behind what this snake is doing: in the fall season it’s quite cold so these cold blooded animals have to have some type of heat to survive. They sprawl themselves on the rocks to heat their inner core on the rocks that hold the heat from the sunbeams.

I believe that this photo can show appreciation for nature around us because of the eye catching stripes and the natural instincts that snakes have even living in the city. Is there anything in the picture that I would change? There’s almost nothing I would do differently. It’s what I wanted but the other shot I wanted to get was to be right down eye to eye with the snake but it wouldn’t co-operate.

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