Time To Go Green

by Nikita Olar
Stokely Ski Area, Goulais River
overcast and 8 degrees Celsius
Cannon Powershot A2200 HD
Automatic Handheld

The aim of my picture is to show that there is new life reproducing on disintegrating trees. I think that in this photograph this was achieved by taking the photo of vegetation on a tree that has fallen to the forest floor. This photo would appeal to an artist because it may seem as if there is coral growing above water on this tree, and that this tree has fallen and is now reproducing vegetation.

The scientific aspect is that when trees fall or leaves have fallen off and they start to decompose, it gives more light to the forest floor so that the undergrowth can have more light and grow. This photo was taken in a temperate deciduous forest biome, so when the undergrowth gets more light the forest floor starts to disintegrate the leaves which produces rich vegetation, and provides the larger herbivores with food. Also, the photo was taken in the boreal shield, a land based ecozone, with many yellow birch, sugar maple trees, woodland caribou (barren-ground caribou), white tailed deer, and moose.

This photo contributes to an appreciation of science because it is showing that there is lots of rich vegetation growing, which means there is more light coming down on the vegetation. I think that this photo can be improved by focusing on the green vegetation in the middle; also if I used the rule of thirds it would look more appealing to the eye. The photo could also be improved if I could have blurred out the background so that it may look even more appealing to the eye, and if I could have taken this photo from a different view.

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