The Road to Nowhere

by Erin Lee
Stokely Creek Lodge
overcast, rainy, 10 degrees Celsius
iPhone 4, 5-Megapixel Camera
Handheld HDR

When taking this photograph, I had hoped to capture the depth of the path and forest, and also create a vivid line of sight directly down the trail. To achieve my goal, I positioned myself so that I was facing the path directly, and took the photo vertically to capture its length, rather than width.

This photograph is attractive because the cool colours of the dark forest add contrast to the red, fallen leaves on the ground, as well as the dark, detailed branches against the white sky. These elements help to zero in on the end of the path, which is the focal point.

This photo symbolizes “the road” to extinction, and human contribution to it. It displays how we start with just a trail, but down the road, we could lead our world to the extinction of forestry altogether. It emphasizes man’s destruction on an otherwise perfect land.

It contributes to science by representing both the Temperate Deciduous Forest Biome and the Boreal Shield because it shows how the maple, a deciduous tree, dominates a large portion of the photo, and the small shrubs occupy the rest. This photo makes you appreciate the biodiversity that Sault Ste Marie has to offer, and the beautiful, rich colours of Canada in the fall. This photo could have been improved if I had positioned myself further up the hill so that I didn’t have the blind spot on the path just where it started to decline. This would have made the trail look straighter and smoother.

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