Fungi in the Boreal Shield

by Julia Simon
Stokely Ski Trails
overcast, rainy, 8 degrees Celsius
Digital Handheld; Children’s Setting

The aim of my photograph was to show how, here in Sault Ste. Marie, we have a great amount of biodiversity, and to represent the biome and ecozone we live in. Also in the photograph I wanted to show science in an artistic way. I believe I have achieved my goals because of the following.

I believe the artistic aspect in this photo is in the shape of the deciduous tree and the fungi on it. The deciduous tree contributes to the artistic composition because the decomposing trunk starts out centered at the bottom of the photo and makes a slight curve and exits at the top left-hand corner of the picture. This draws the viewer’s eye through this photo. I believe the fungi is a contributor to the artistic composition of the photograph as it creates a progressive rhythm pattern from small to large having the same effect as the curved tree, drawing the viewer’s eye through the photo.

As for the scientific aspect, I feel that this photo shows biodiversity and represents the ecozone and biome I live in very well. I believe it shows biodiversity because in the small area you can see there are a variety of trees, a type of fungi, a variety of leaves, and evidence of insect and bird life. The evidence I found of this being a habitat for insects are the small holes that are chewed in the fungi and where there are insects in most cases there are birds. I live in the Boreal Shield. I feel that this photo represents the Boreal Shield because 88% of the Boreal Shield are trees of a highly mixed variety. As for the biome, I live in the Temperate Deciduous Forest Biome. This photo represents this biome because in this biome, like the ecozone, there are a highly mixed variety of trees.

I feel that this photo contributes to the appreciation of science because it shows what some people may have never thought of: that here in Sault Ste. Marie, being surrounded by trees, we are truly surrounded by science. If there is one thing I could change about the photo I have taken it would be the setting I used. Instead of a child setting I would use the auto focus setting.

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