An Invasive Native Species

by Jennifer Russell
Landslide Gravel Pit, Sault Ste Marie
sunny with clear skies, 8 degrees Celsius
Canon SX20
Automatic Handheld

When this photo was taken the goal was to present the milkweed plant in a different perspective as an invasive species. The photo was taken as the seeds of the milkweed began to break through the outer shell and disperse to other locations. This view of the milkweed is a different way of looking at it from the usual way of just seeing the shell closed.

In this photo the subject, the milkweed, is strategically placed in the rule of thirds, which makes it interesting to the viewer. There are also leading lines to the subject such as the tree branches in the background as well as the branch behind the milkweed. The milkweed pod is in focus and the background is not. This gives a sense of movement in this picture and helps the milkweed stand out to be the main focus.

Common milkweed is an invasive species to Ontario. However it is native to Canada. This plant originated in Manitoba and because of human activity, such as the cutting down of Ontario forests, the plant spread all throughout Ontario. This has caused a biodiversity change in Ontario because with this plant comes the species who feed and survive off it. For example monarch butterflies use the common milkweed for food. Unfortunately the monarch butterfly population is decreasing, because the common milkweed has been put on the noxious weed list which means it can be disturbed and exterminated wherever it is found.

This photo shows how biodiversity in one area can change drastically. It shows the Earth’s delicacy and how we need to protect it. We have to learn all we can about it and try to find new ways to sustain it.

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