A Bright Autumn Day

by Athena Chang
Harmony Bay
Sunny day, approx. 15 degrees Celsius
SONY Digital Still Camera, 7.2 Mega Pixels
Handheld Automatic

The aim of the photograph was to take a snapshot of the autumn leaves with all the different bright colours. The perspective was from the ground looking up, so you can get a feel like you’re actually standing under the tree. It’s an attractive image because of all the colours and how they blend and contrast with each other, like how the red, orange, and yellow leaves fit in together. Also, there are cooler colours in the image, like the blue sky and the tree with green leaves in the background, which help the warmer colours (red, yellow, orange) stand out more. You can also see the sunlight reflecting off the leaves, so it looks really nice.

The picture represents the Temperate Deciduous Forest Biome because it is an image of a maple tree, and the deciduous forests contain many oak, maple and poplar trees. We are located in an ecozone called the Boreal Shield. There are many forests and rivers located in the Boreal Shield. The image shows how weather can affect many things, and chemical changes. As it gets cooler in the fall, the tree must store all the nutrients it can get. Leaves undergo a chemical change during the fall because their nutrients are drained into the tree trunk and branches for winter storage. This causes the leaves to change colour drastically, from bright green to bright red to brown. When the colours of the original object change, it is considered a chemical change.

It contributes to the appreciation of science because it helps us understand how the different seasons can affect many things, and how simple objects, like trees, can undergo many changes, as well as any other intriguing facts about them. Without science, we wouldn’t know how leaves change colour and how weather and temperature affect nature.

The photo could be improved by zooming out just a little so there would be more contrast between the cool and warm colours, and to show some detail on the trunk.

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