Winners Autumn 2011

The following are the winners of the secondary school Bondar Challenge program held in the Autumn of 2011 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  These images and essays will travel with the Foundation’s Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience to its next community in 2012. Congratulations to all participants. Please click on a photo to see the student’s essay.

Winner – “A Bright Autumn Day” by Athena Chang

Winner – “An Invasive Native Species” by Jennifer Russell

Winner – “Fungi in the Boreal Shield” by Julia Simon

Honourable Mention – “The Road to Nowhere” by Erin Lee

Honourable Mention – “Mallards” by Christopher Carlyle

Honourable Mention – “Warming on the Rocks” by Jesse Cooper-McKinnon

Honourable Mention – “Time To Go Green” by Nikita Olar


For Brian Kelly’s coverage of this event, see his Sault Star article Bondar’s foundation challenges students


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