Sky Flower

By Jada Lynn Champagne

Date: September 12/2012
Place: Sweetgrass, Alberta
Camera: Handheld Fujifilm camera
Flower setting

When we had to take pictures for the Bondar Challenge right away I knew I wanted a picture of an animal or flower. As I looked around I saw this yellow plant and thought that it would look beautiful with a blue background. I tried only focusing on the flower by using the flower setting so the sky would look blurry. What makes this photo look attractive are the complimentary colors of blue and yellow. For me this is the best picture for the challenge.

Although this is a sow thistle, it can be confused with the dandelion whose scientific name is Taraxacum, a French word for ‘lion tooth’. They are mostly found in North America but they are known as weeds worldwide. Although dandelions are considered weeds they are edible and can be used in salads and the roots can be made into caffeine free coffee. The dandelion can also be an ecosystem to small bugs and food for a rabbit . The Taraxacum has many uses besides just being a weed.

Though this picture is very pretty it could have been better. I could have found a part where there was no clouds just blue sky. Also I could have picked off those two petals that are hanging down. If I waited a little longer into the night, I might have captured northern lights in the sky. With more experience I think I could capture more photos that show glorious Northern Canada.


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