Leafing Out the Details

By Jewel Tuckey

Date: Sept. 12, 2012 2:30
Place: Sweetgrass, Alberta
Camera: Hand Held Fuji Camera
Camera Setting: Auto

Artist Statement

I did not capture what I set out to capture. I set out to capture a picture that makes you see things from the perspective of a nice sunny day under the tree. This picture is attractive because you can see the leaves changing colors due to the weather changing. It also looks nice because the branches are spread out so it attracts the human eye. The blue sky also makes the leaves pop.

The tree in this picture is a poplar tree. A poplar tree has pointy leafs and long skinny branches. It’s a part of its biome because it cleans the air for us to breathe and produces shade so you can sit under it on a hot summer day! Animals eat the bark at the bottom of the tree and it leaves marks on the tree.

This picture shows an appreciation of science by being able to figure out what type of tree it is. If I was able to retake this photo I’d take it at lunchtime so you could see the sun shining through the leaves!


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