Fall Flowers

By Miyah-Mae Stewart

Date: Friday, September 19th, 11:00
Place: the Slave River, Fort Smith, NT
partly cloudy, partly sunny, Windy
Camera: hand held Fuji camera
Flower mode

Did I capture what I wanted to?
I personally think that what I captured is what I wanted to capture. What I wanted to get was the fall colors in the background and the flower because it stands out because it is very bright and it is very vibrant. My flower is attractive because it is very bright and I captured it at the right time.

Scientific Aspect
The scientific aspect in this photo is the flower is alive and it is still growing, and it has living things around and on it. All of the ecosystems around like the trees with few branches. This photo is interesting to me because everything else is basically dead except the flower and the things living in the dead stuff.

Artist’s Critique
My photo could be improved by getting the flower more off to the side like professionals do. It might have looked better if I was a little farther away from a different angle perhaps more to the left. I would also like it if there was more plant life or more colors in the background. Everything else I like a lot.


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