The Layers of the Forest

by Sophia Partidge
Category: <15 years of age Date: July 28, 2012 Weather: Clear Site/Location: Stream Valley Handheld/Tripod: Handheld Camera Used: Samsung ES55 ISO: ISO-200 Focal Length: 6 mm F-Stop: f/3.2 Exposure Time: 1/45 The blade of grass is the focal point and it isn’t centred in the picture. When the focal point is not centred it sometimes makes a better picture since it makes you look around the whole picture and see all of the beauty not just the one thing. There were a lot of sticks around the edge of the picture, which made it look too busy, so I cropped the picture to take out all of the distracting elements. The reason the picture is attractive is because there are many different layers of the forest captured in the picture. There is the water, blades of grass, log and green patch of grass on the land. In the water there is also a tiny floating leaf which balances the large portion of water. The aim of the photograph was to capture a water scene that day at camp with a lot of different levels of interest. The picture was taken in a Temperate Deciduous forest. The Ecozone is a Mixed Wood Plain which extends from Quebec to Windsor and the rest of Southern Ontario. The photograph contributes to the appreciation of science because it shows that even though the log has fallen it still has a role as a habitat for wildlife. I could improve this picture by taking it on a sunny day so the log, water and grass would be brighter. I like this picture because it has so many aspects of the forest and it brings everything that I learned at camp into one image.   Back to Winners of 2012 Summer Camps.

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