Sunshine at Wenonah

by Emily Allan

Age group: Intermediate
Camp: Wenonah
Date: July 31st, 2012
Time: 3:38pm
Weather: Sunny with clouds
Type of Camera: Nikon D1300
Mode: Landscape

My aim in taking this photograph was to get the sun shining on the trees with clouds in the background. I also wanted to include the sun in the frame without it making the picture too bright. My subject of interest is the sun shining through the trees. This picture relates to the theme of connecting with and within nature because the shapes of nature (clouds and trees) fit like puzzle pieces. The trees are similar in height. You can also see all the different lightings made by the leaves’ shadows. The photo was taken in the Nearctic ecozone and in the Boreal Shield forest biome. I could have improved this picture by trying to make it more straight and not angled and by changing the exposure so the trees aren’t as dark as they are. I positioned the sun according to the rule of thirds instead of in the middle. The colours are bright and you can see the textures in the leaves. The photo was taken from an extremely low angle.


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