Stream Valley

by Zoe Ounpuu-Adams
Category: <17 years of age Date: June 18, 2012 Weather: Clear, Sunny Site/Location: Stream Valley Handheld/Tripod: Handheld Camera Used: Coolpix S3000 ISO: ISO-80 Focal Length: 5 mm F-Stop: f/3.2 Exposure Time: 1/125 This photo shows the overall cycle of an ecosystem. The combination of the water, air, and land represents the harmony that exists in nature. The overall aim of this image was to show the cycle that exists within nature, the decaying tree in the darker foreground shows how the tall trees thriving in the background of the photo will die and return to the ground where they will soon become one with the Earth. One improvement I could’ve made with this photo is the lighting of the foreground. Lighting is an aspect of photographing nature that all photographers face because there is no way to control it. Nature is a complex cycle, it is our job as photographers and lovers of nature to try and capture the harmony that exists in nature through our photography.   Back to Winners of 2012 Summer Camps.

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