Robin the Robin

by Ciera Hart

July 5 – 1:37pm
Cloudy – 29⁰C
Fujifilm Finepix JV100 – Automatic Setting – Handheld
Camp Robin Hood

My goal was to capture the cycle of life from when the robin hatched and was born to when we found its egg hatched. The subject of my photograph is a blue robin’s egg that had hatched. I chose this because I found it to be really interesting and it signified the continuous cycle of life. The blue egg against the green grass shows how delicate the egg is and makes this photograph attractive. The biome is spruce and poplar forest with some swamp. The mother had left the nest and the egg that I found was a few days old. Things in the environment tend to be very delicate and it is important to make sure we notice the changes happening. Seeing the egg showed hope that the environment will be able to fix itself. I could improve this photo by aiming the camera so the egg is more in the middle to show the rule of thirds.


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