Raindrops on a Leaf

by Ines Loranca Delgado

Age group: Intermediate
Camp: Wenonah
Date: July 7th, 2012
Time: 3:00pm
Weather: Rainy
Type of camera: Handheld Fujifilm FinePix 14 MegaPixels – Macro mode

I was trying to capture the rain drops on a big leaf and how these drops were making forms and moving across the leaf. I tried to make the subject bright and the background darker. The part of the leaf is in focus (the subject is the leaf with the drops). The top of the leaf is brighter than the part under the leaf. My photo is connecting with nature (the rain and the plants typical of North America). The picture was taken in the Nearctic ecozone, and the biome is the Boreal Shield. The composition of this photo includes vibrant colour (different types of green), lighting (brighter in one side and darker in the other), and lines (curves). I could have improved by trying to take the picture from the other side or with more zoom. If I had been nearer, you could see the drops better.


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