By: Victoria Estrada
Date: August 19th
Time: 10:31 a.m.
Weather: Cloudy
Biome: Boreal Shield
Ecozone: Nearctic
ISO: Auto

I want to show that not all mushrooms look ugly, some can be pretty. My theme is that fungi are pretty and even though the tree is dying/dead, it’s nice to feel like it gets a pretty burial with mushrooms instead of flowers. It also shows that mushrooms aren’t all gross. The artistic aspect is how the orange pops against the brown and green. Also I put the mushrooms right in the center of the photo because you see it right away and wonder where this beautiful mushroom is growing and then realize it is on a tree. Also the analysis of the scientific aspect is that I used shade since the orange mushroom was already so bright, this lessened it a bit and the leaves too so the orange is still pretty. I appreciate the beauty of mushrooms and this makes me appreciate that even fungi have a special beauty. For improvement next time the green leaves don’t have to be in my picture, and I could also have used another angle or place in the picture. I also could improve my title to something more scientific.


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