Lilies on the Lake

by Augustina Bempong

Age group: Senior
Camp: Wenonah
Date: 08/02/2012
Time: 10:00am
Weather: Cloudy but warm
Type of Camera: Kodak EasyShare C142 10 Megapixel

I took this photo while on a short canoe ride. I was aiming to capture beautiful lillies on the lake in their natural habitat. While I was taking this photo I was so close to nature and I came to the realization of how beautiful a world we live in. The brain likes odd numbers, so there are three lillies. This photo was taken in the Nearctic ecozone and in the Boreal Plains biome. If I could improve anything I would make it a bit brighter so the white of the water lillies would stand out more against the green of the lily pads.


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