Flower in a Patch

by Sarah Sweigman

July 11 – 1:23pm
Sunny – 32⁰C
Fujifilm Finepix JV100 – Automatic Setting – Handheld
Camp Robin Hood

My goal in this picture was to capture the sunflower as a whole. I believe I did complete my goal as well as take a good quality photograph. The subject of the photograph is a sunflower. I chose this as the subject because I like sunflowers and this was a great opportunity to take a picture of one. I think what makes this picture attractive is the lighting and the quality of the photo. I also believe that the fact that the whole sunflower is in the photo makes it attractive. Boreal Shield and Mixedwood Plains are both represented in this picture. Also this picture was taken in a boreal forest. This photo contributes to the appreciation of science as there are only natural things in this photo and none of them is being harmed. It could stimulate questions like how did this sunflower get so big. This photograph could be improved if the quality of the camera was higher or if there was a chance to edit the photograph.


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