Colour Blind

Name: Layla Meulenbelt

Age group: Intermediate
Camp: Wenonah
Date: August 17th, 2012
Time: 10:29am
Weather: Sunny/overcast
Type of Camera: Fujfilm FinePix AV
Mode: Automatic

My aim was to capture all the different colours and textures. The subject of interest is the plants, and the focal point is a carnivorous plant. This picture relates to the theme of connecting with and within nature because it was taken in a small bush on the lake, so the plants depend on the lake to grow and live. This picture was taken in the Nearctic ecozone and Boreal Shield biome.

The picture follows the Rule of Thirds, because of the lines created by the two sticks and the green plant. The colours are all very bright, red, green, brown, and then there are two dull grey sticks. The ISO is quite low (125) because it was already quite bright outside and I used F2.9.

In the frame there is a dead leaf in the lower left corner that wasn’t intentional. The photo could definitely be improved with a lower exposure, but as it was taken from a canoe and because we were moving, I couldn’t go back to take it again.


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