Busy As a Bee

by Tate Kamps

Age group: Intermediate
Camp: Wenonah
Date: August 15th 2012
Time: 10:36am
Weather: Sunny
Type of Camera: Canon PowerShot Digital Elph 14.7 MegaPixels
Mode: Macro
ISO: 100
Aperture: F2.8
Shutter Speed: 1/320

The aim of my photograph was to capture the bee drinking the nectar of the flower. The focal point was the bee sitting on the flower. The photo shows the bee connecting with the flower because they both depend on each other for survival. Also when I saw the bee buzzing around it made me respect how much work animals do to survive. This photo was taken in the Nearctic ecozone and in the Boreal Plains biome. The picture follows the Rule of Thirds because the eye of the bee is on the intersection of the top line and the left line. The bright yellow flower catches your eye and leads to the bee. Also the yellow makes the black on the bee look darker. The photo has a very short depth of field, which makes the bee stand out more. The fuzziness of the bee and the delicate texture of the flowers are really shown because of the blurry background. The natural light makes the flowers glow more. I framed the photo so that you could see the bee and the flowers. If I had the chance, I would improve my photo so that the blurry flowers were not in the shot.

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