Bumble the Bee

by Danielle Perlon

July 5 – 1:42pm
Cloudy – 29⁰C
Fujifilm Finepix JV100 – Automatic Setting – Handheld
Camp Robin Hood

My goal was to capture the bumblebee in its natural habitat. I wanted to show how it pollinates the flower and how it continues on in the cycle of life. The subject of my photograph is a bee in the middle of a flower. The bee is in its natural habitat and I thought this was important since I was able to capture it without disturbance. This photograph is attractive because of the colour of the flower in contrast to those of the bee. The sunlight is also prominent in the photo. The bee is continuing with the process of creating life. Through pollinating the flowers the bee has provided more food for other ecosystems. The pollen is also carried on the bee’s leg to produce and plant more flowers. The cycle of life includes the process in which different species act in order to prosper. What is important about the bee is that it leads to further development and sustainability in other species. The photo would be better if it was taken closer up with a bit of blur in the background.


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