Winners Summer Camps 2012


The following are the winners of the Bondar Challenge program held in Summer Camps of 2012 in Ontario.  These images and essays will travel with the Foundation’s Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience to its next community in 2012. Congratulations to all participants. Please click on a photo to see the student’s essay.


The overall First place winner of the Bondar Challenge for 2012 Summer Camps is Busy as a Bee by Tate Kamps from Camp Wenonah.

Busy As A Bee

Overall First Place Winner – “Busy as a Bee” by Tate Kamps

The overall Second place winner of the Bondar Challenge for 2012 Summer Camps is Robin the Robin by Ciera Hart from Camp Robin Hood.

Robin the Robin

Overall Second Place Winner – “Robin the Robin” – Ciera Hart

There are two overall Honourable Mentions of the Bondar Challenge for 2012 Summer Camps.

  • Blending In by Danielle Campbell from Doe Lake camp
Blending In

Overall Honourable Mention – “Blending In” – Danielle Campbell

  • Bumble the Bee by Danielle Lebowitz from Camp Robin Hood
Bumble the Bee

Overall Honourable Mention – “Bumble the Bee” – Danielle Lebowitz



The CAIRN camp Individual Winner is Frog by Breanne Perron-Butchart.


Individual Winner – “Frog” – Breanne Perron-Butchart

The CAMP ROBIN HOOD Individual Winners

  • First place: Robin the Robin by Ciera Hart
  • Second place TIED between:
  • Bumble the Bee by Danielle Lebowitz
  • Flower in a Patch by Sarah Sweigman
Flower in a Patch

Individual Second Place Winner – “Flower in a Patch” – Sarah Sweigman

The DOE LAKE camp Individual Winners

  • First place: Blending In by Danielle Campbell
  • Second place: Pancakes by Victoria Estrada

Individual Second Place Winner – “Pancakes” – Victoria Estrada

The CAMP TAWINGO Individual Winners

    • First place: Stream Valley by Zoe Ounpuu-Adams
Stream Valley

Individual First Place Winner – “Stream Valley” – Zoe Ounpuu-Adams

    • Second place: The Layers of the Forest by Sophia Partidge
Layers of Forest

Individual Second Place Winner – “Layers of Forest” – Sophia Partidge

The CAMP WENONAH Individual Winners

    • First place Senior: Lilies on the Lake by Augustina Bempong
Lilies on the Lake

Individual First Place Senior Winner – “Lilies on the Lake” – Augustina Bempong

    • First place Intermediate: Busy as a Bee by Tate Kamps
    • Second place Intermediate: The Dragonfly by Miranda Elder

Individual Second Place Intermediate Winner – “The Dragonfly” – Miranda Elder

    • Honourable Mention Intermediate:
    • Raindrops on a Leaf by Ines Loranca Delago
Raindrops on a Leaf

Honourable Mention Intermediate – “Raindrops on a Leaf” – Ines Loranca Delago

    • Sunshine at Wenonah by Emily Allan
Sunshine at Wenonah

Honourable Mention Intermediate – “Sunshine at Wenonah” – Emily Allan

    • Colour Blind by Layla Meulenbelt
Colour Blind

Honourable Mention Intermediate – “Colour Blind” – Layla Meulenbelt


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