2019-20 School Bondar Challenge

Objectives, Benefits, Fees & Application


  1. To help students develop a lifelong affinity for both the joy of photography and the love of nature
  2. To provide an environmental and artistic learning opportunity for students and teachers
  3. To help students use the camera to ‘see’ the environment around them with a discerning eye and mind
  4. To teach students how to use cameras as an effective means of capturing images and concepts
  5. To help students articulate their feelings about what they see and express those feelings clearly
  6. To help students understand the science contained within the art of the photograph

Benefits of Participating

  • Offer students a combination of photography and environmental education that participating schools have said “works perfectly in various school setting”
  • Provide leadership development opportunities for senior students and teachers
  • Immerse students in a creative learning challenge
  • Build a sense of connectedness to the environment
  • Receive recognition of your school’s participation on The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s website
  • Give students a feeling of connectedness to something larger by participating in a national program developed by Canadian icon, Dr. Roberta Bondar
  • Have submissions judged by panel of experts
  • Receive recognition on The Foundation’s website for winning students

Our base program fee of $130 includes access to online training, assistance throughout the school year from the Program Coordinator and online materials necessary to deliver the Bondar Challenge for one teacher/trainer. An extra $25 is charged for each additional teacher/trainer thereafter. This entitles teachers to the following:

  • Unlimited use of the program for 2019-20 session
  • Detailed information about the program and its delivery
  • Program materials for teachers delivering the program including certificates signed by Dr. Bondar certifying participation of students in the program
  • Password-protected access to online learning tools, resources, activities, regulations, deadlines and submission instructions
  • Coaching and idea exchange throughout the year with the Program Coordinator
  • Acknowledgement on The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s website as a participating school

Note: Bondar Challenge participants are permitted to use point-and-shoot cameras, smartphones and tablets, as long as the image quality is sufficient. Please see competition rules and regulations for image specifications.

How to Apply to the School-Based Bondar Challenge
Individual schools must apply online through The Roberta Bondar Foundation website. School information including a contact name and email address for the point person overseeing the program must be shared at the time of application. See application under the “Bondar Challenge” tab, School-based Bondar Challenge at www.therbf.org

Program Deadline
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis to both semester or year-long competition to interested schools. The application form will be updated by August for the upcoming school year.

The Foundation will confirm receipt of your application. Notice of Acceptance to deliver the program will be issued as soon as possible after receipt, along with an invoice for the program. To receive the school kit and password to the online teacher’s toolkit, a cheque or money order for the amount stated in the invoice must be received within 10 days of the Notice of Acceptance.

If some unforeseen event forces The Foundation to cancel or postpone the acceptance, you will receive a full refund of your registration fee; however, The Foundation cannot be held responsible for any related costs.

If a school registers persons with disabilities to participate in the Bondar Challenge, appropriate judging criteria will be applied.

SBBC Application Form
SBBC Toolkit


Please send an email to The Roberta Bondar Foundation Bondar Challenge


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