The Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge



Aanii, Hello, Bonjour! We grow up knowing our Manitoulin is the largest freshwater lake island in the world. But it is more; Mnidoo Mnis is our Spirit Island home. It has great magic, great healing for hearts and minds.

We are the 7252 km2 (2800 mi2) home of 108 inland lakes, some with their own islands; 4 main rivers with salmon and trout spawning grounds; countless eyeball-blasting trails, lookouts, and pristine waters. Our strong Anishinaabe history and culture add wisdom and power through each season.

Is there one natural outdoor element that you hope would still be here 150 years from now for our Manitoulin people and visitors to see? Think you could capture that special scene or animal or plant in a photograph to show others what you’d wish for them to see?

That’s the Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge.

For us, the hard part will be to choose that one something special. Will it be a migratory bird or turtle or fish or deer or insect? Will it be a glimpse of starlight from our own designated Dark Sky Preserve? A landscape? A waterscape? So many choices…




Some of our submitted photos with personal statements about their importance to the photographers:

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