Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Can there be people in my photo?
A: No, we cannot post images with people in them for privacy reasons.

Q: What information should I send along with my photo?
A: Include the following information: full name, school and grade (if a student), city and description of why you chose the photo.

Q: Where do I send my submission?
A: Send photo and description to CANphotos@therbf. org

Q: How long should my written submission be?
A: It is meant to be short, 1 to 3 sentences reflecting on why the natural element you chose is important to you. Descriptions may be shortened or edited when put on our website. Here is an example: The yellow of this flower reminds me of the sunlight of the spring and the natural flowers we see each year on the forest floor.

Q: How large should my image be?
A: If you are sending an image taken on a phone or tablet, please send the largest version available. Images taken on digital cameras (point and shoot, or digital SLRs) should be 10MB or less in file size, with an image resolution 3264 X 2448px or smaller. All images will be formatted by the coordinator for optimal web use.

Q: How can I learn about taking “well-composed” photographs?
A: Camera Tips are posted on our website. Photo Tips

Q: Can I enter more than one photograph?
A: Each person is asked to submit only one photograph.

Q: I have checked the ♥︎ Nature of Canada Bondar Challenge album and I do not see my photo.
A: It may take several days to a week for your photo to be posted, depending upon the volume of responses received. Keep checking, all complete and appropriate submissions will be posted.


Question not answered?
Send your question to Information: The Ontario 150 Bondar Challenge


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