♥︎ Nature of Canada Bondar Challenge


The ♥︎ Nature of Canada Bondar Challenge is open to Canadians or visitors to Canada who have photographed some natural aspect of Canada’s landscape or wildlife — flora or fauna — and wish to share with us your image capture of that element.

It is your opportunity to express through photography what you admire and value in the natural world of this incredible country that you hope will exist for people to enjoy 150 years from now. This challenge is open to all groups, individuals and ages.

This Bondar Challenge results from photographs sent to us from people who so value Canada’s natural environments that they want to share their images although they live outside the locations of “official” Bondar Challenges already underway.

What passion you have! Yes we will proudly display your photo and description in a gallery just for you.

The Basic Rules of the ♥︎ Nature of Canada Bondar Challenge are simple.

You can take the challenge in 3 easy steps:
1. SNAP a well composed photograph of the natural element special to you. Include only the natural element (exclude people and man-made objects).
2. DESCRIBE in 2-3 sentences why this is your choice
3. SUBMIT your entry (photo and description)

The Roberta Bondar Foundation is happy to support your engagement in this ♥︎ Nature of Canada Bondar Challenge.




Guidelines! Photo tips! and MORE!



Here are some of your submitted photos and your reasons for taking them:



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