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The camera is a universal tool for capturing images that are meaningful to the individual. Producing a universal language of images, photography is understood by people of every culture and can be a powerful medium for transmitting ideas. The Bondar Challenge calls on participants to use the populist tool – the camera – as a gateway to learning about our environment. Anchored with a photograph taken by the participant, the competition challenges those who enter it, in a learning experience infusing art with science and science with art. Capturing an image in the environment that relates to some aspect of biodiversity, participants interpret the artistic components of the photograph that they have taken, challenging their imagination and creativity. At the same time, participants must communicate an understanding of the scientific elements of their photograph, related to the biodiversity theme.

The Bondar Challenge is one of the pillars of The Roberta Bondar Foundation, dedicated to advancing our overall understanding and appreciation of our interconnectedness with the environment.


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