2021 Summer Camp Bondar Challenge Application Form


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Our GEM cards, or artist statement cards, are required for every photographic submission. Would your camp like to use the original paper versions or the online versions?
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Note: If you select paper, the GEM cards will be mailed with the other program materials to the mailing address provided above. If you select online, you will be emailed a link to our online GEM cards (they can also be found on our website).
Would you be interested in receiving our program materials in French?: Yes    No


(Camps must confirm agreement to the following by reading and checking each box)
Camp is a current member of the CCA/ACC (through their provincial/state camping association).
Agree that the camp will designate one staff member throughout the summer as the overall supervisor of the Bondar Challenge and will remain in contact with the Coordinator at The Foundation throughout the summer.
Agree that all staff member leaders responsible for delivering the program will devote 2 hours to complete the online training program
The camp may deliver the program in any number of sessions throughout the summer and each session must commit a minimum of 6 hours over at least 2 days for each camper or group participating.
Provide necessary electronic support to download images to a USB key and mail submissions or send images electronically to The Foundation postmarked by the deadline.
Agree to encourage and support the staff leaders to complete an online evaluation questionnaire on the program experience at the end of the summer.
Agree to secure mailing addresses for any winning submissions from your camp in order that the Foundation can have prize packages delivered.
In keeping with our commitment to help protect the environment, The Foundation uses online resources as a primary tool, minimizing use of paper mail-outs beyond the initial camp kits provided. E-mail correspondence will be used to provide confirmations and notice of acceptance, to share information or updates on the program and to send out receipts. Please check the email provided in camp information frequently for news, updates and important information throughout the summer.


The Roberta Bondar Foundation reserves the right to deny access to the Bondar Challenge online tool kit and disqualify camp/camper submissions to those who do not comply.
I agree that the Bondar Challenge materials will not be used outside 2021 summer camp sessions without prior written approval from The Foundation.
I have read and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Bondar Challenge provided at the following online link
Summer Camp 2021 Rules and Regulations
I agree that my camp will mail all Bondar Challenge materials, including loaned cameras (if applicable), back to The Roberta Bondar Foundation before the program deadline (September 3rd, 2021)


Our camp needs to access the camera loan program.
If selected, our camp agrees to host a site visit. The Foundation would like to support the Bondar Challenge program with a visit by a member of our staff and/or volunteers to as many camps as schedules and resources permit. During these visits, our representatives can offer advice on program logistics and delivery (if needed) and receive feedback from camp staff about the program.
The Foundation would like to feature camps participating in the Bondar Challenge on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn). Please check the box if you would like to be featured. Featured camps will be asked to send a photo of their camp participating in the program and a small comment about their experiences delivering and participating in the Bondar Challenge.


As a camp, we are prepared to undertake necessary actions to give permission to The Roberta Bondar Foundation to include campers in photos/videos that may be taken by staff, and/or occasional videotapes taken by local media. The Foundation undertakes to inform in advance any planned visits to a Camp. Our mutual understanding is that any photos/videos taken may be used for promotional purposes (e.g. slide show, website photo gallery, brochures). Names will only be used on website postings associated with winning submissions to the competition and not of photographs of individual campers or staff.


Please share any information or characteristics that may help The Foundation staff ensure your camp application is positive and that delivering the program is a meaningful experience for your campers.