We don’t always need eyesight to have vision. The vision that intrigues us is the ability to visualize future use, future impact of an idea or discovery. The ability to visualize requires insight into how that vision makes a difference, how it is a game changer, how it improves life for all.

We admire the work of botanical illustrators, landscape and nature photographers. Many of their images provide our only visual records of extinct life forms, geophysical phenomena, and radically changed landforms and shorelines.

Satellites, probes, and Earth Science projects from NASA and ESA projects give us insight into Earth’s intricate patterns of weather, oceans, and atmosphere. Their remote sensing technologies convert data outside our limited ranges into representations we can see and hear.

Throughout the ages, special individuals and groups have shared their knowledge and endowed libraries and museums with vast and amazing collections. Additionally, we are indebted to the men and women who have developed ways of classifying knowledge and provided guidelines for us to access it.

Gerard Mercator
cartographer, globe maker
Creator of Mercator map projection
Dr. Karl Landsteiner
immunologist, serologist
Discoverer of human blood groups
 width=Samuel Morse
portraitist, applied scientist
Inventor of the electric telegraph
Barbara McClintock
cytogenticist, biologist
Discoverer of transposable (mobile) genetic elements
Rachel Carson
marine biologist, researcher, writer
Environment Champion
Sir Sandford Fleming
surveyor, engineer, inventor
Global vision facilitator


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