Often discovery is accidental. Yet discoveries are also made when a purposeful search for something new is initiated. A discovery is an exciting find, especially if the discoverer actually recognizes that something new has been found. You’d think a discoverer would know wouldn’t you? But even Columbus couldn’t grasp he’d stumbled upon a sizeable continent in between Spain and the back door to Asia.

If you were someone who had discovered something new, chances are you would take the logical next step – its exploration. The exploratory step offers up its own bonuses and hazards, enlightenment or blind alleys. An explorer knows about the discovery and wants to pursue it further and find out more.

Sometimes the discoverer and explorer are the same person or organization. Sometimes centuries pass between a discovery and its exploration. Read on!

Barbara McClintock
cytogenticist, biologist
Discoverer of transposable (mobile) genetic elements
Charles Glen King
Discoverer of Vitamin C
Dr. Wilbur Franks
cancer researcher, scientist
Developer / tester of first anti-gravity or G-suit
Martin Oeggerli
molecular biologist, electronmicroscopist
Dr. Alice Hamilton
American physician, bacteriologist, and industrial medicine expert
Nicolaus Copernicus
mathematician, astronomer, and heliocentric theorist


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