Natural world themes are many. Our knowledge of Nature was once restricted to what our eyes could see and our ears could hear. Today, we have tools to extend our knowledge of natural phenomena invented over centuries by people who wanted to know more, to see and hear what we cannot naturally see and hear.

For us, Nature certainly encompasses Biology — the sciences of Botany and Zoology. We include some of the pioneers and advancers of these sciences as well as some of the tools they developed and refined to help us understand natural phenomena better.

Some of the general Earth Sciences in this section once wore general labels such as ”geology” and ”weather”. Another oldie – ”Natural History” – was the catchall home of observations in astronomy, celestial mechanics, tides, speculations and various “proofs” of the possible shape of Earth.

Great White Hurricane of 1888 Agnes Arber
botanist, botanical illustrator
Oceanographic Museum of Monaco
The Monaco museum that demonstrates the Art in Science
The G.R.A.C.E. Twins
regional gravity field areas, underground water storage, ice sheets changes and much more
John Fothergill
English physician and naturalist
Tambora stratovolcano
most powerful volcano explosion in recorded history


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