The Roberta Bondar Foundation has compiled Resources that expand almost daily and continue to reflect its objectives in:

    – the fusion of art and science
    – our natural world — biodiversity and extinction
    – landscape and nature photography
    – observation and communicating science in an integration of text and graphics
    – challenging ourselves to do our best work


The Foundation features kits, publications, articles, and guides from other sources as they are used by or recommended to us.



Dr. Bondar discusses the fusion of art and science in nature/landscape photography. She includes the whys and hows in “artist statements” about a sample of her images selected from different biomes.



The Foundation maintains Learning Tools to support its programs. These include online Toolkits for teachers, trainers, and leaders delivering the Bondar Challenge programs and Learning Guides that are available when The Foundation’s Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience is hosted at a gallery, museum, or science centre.


Looking for Inspiration?

The Foundation offers a growing set of Vision Changers — people and events that have reframed and refocused our relationship with our world. These Vision Changers reflect the unique perspectives of The Roberta Bondar Foundation.


The Roberta Bondar Foundation publishes WINGS, The Foundation’s official newsletter. You will find access to the latest issue as well as information about past issues on the WINGS Newsletter page!



EcoSchools Canada has many options for environmental programming available for schools across Canada, including the Bondar Challenge.


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