Avian Migration Aerial Surface Space

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Welcome to AMASS – the Avian Migration Aerial Surface Space – The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s newest research project.

The Research & Publications pillar of The Roberta Bondar Foundation was implemented to increase awareness, educate, and contribute to the world’s knowledge of biodiversity, its challenges, and its needs for continuous support. AMASS is inspired by the natural phenomena of avian migration coupled with Dr. Bondar’s lifelong passion for flight and her view of Earth.

In 2018, we celebrated the “Year of the Bird” marking 100 years of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. With all the conversation on the conservation of birds, that made 2018 the perfect time for AMASS to take flight!

AMASS is truly interdisciplinary and global. It fuses environmental science, biology and dynamic imagery through photography of the natural world. It generates engagement, creativity and ethical responsibility for the natural environment; thereby supporting the Foundation’s mandate. It requires cooperation and collaboration between many partners from several countries, between both private and public institutions and between several levels of governments.

It is important today to step back and understand the natural world and to view it with a new eye. AMASS will engage people in a new view of the lives of several migratory bird species, three from migratory corridors in each of North America and Europe-Asia-Africa. The project will follow each bird from their breeding sites, along their migratory pathways and to their non-breeding seasonal areas, capturing examples of these habitats using photography from three perspectives: surface, aerial and space.

AMASS will tell different stories, and will ultimately speak to the challenges of protecting habitats along migratory corridors that are impacted by human activity and climate-related change. it will consider the decline of migratory bird populations worldwide in the context of shrinking habitats.




Here, from our blogposts, is a brief glimpse of people and organizations that have worked to document and focus attention on migratory birds and their international flyways:


Gilbert White
naturalist, ornithologist
First formal documentor of bird migration
Jack Miner
naturalist, ornithologist
Bird Band creator, Migration Flyway Documentor
World Migratory Bird Day
International Migratory Bird Day
Advocates/documentors, Bird Migration Flyways
Tso-hsin Cheng [Zheng Zuoxin]
Father of Chinese Ornithology
Advocate: international migratory bird protections



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