Research and Publications


As resources allow, the Foundation will undertake research that has the interest of educational leaders, academics and the general public. 


Field experiences conducted within the Bondar Challenge have identified gaps in theoretical learning in the classroom and the students’ ability to apply that knowledge in a real life setting. Intergenerational activities demonstrate how information can be transmitted in both directions – youngsters to adults and the more mature participant to young adults.

Dr. Bondar chaired a Working Group for the Ontario Ministry of Education whose recommendations called for the development of an environmental education policy for Ontario schools. The Ministry adopted all 32 recommendations outlined in the report entitled Shaping Our Schools, Shaping Our Future as a new “basic” of education for the twenty-first century.

The follow up document entitled Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow is the subsequent Policy Framework for Environmental Education in Ontario Schools.


The Avian Migration Aerial Surface Space [AMASS] is The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s newest research project implemented to increase awareness, educate, and contribute to the world’s knowledge of biodiversity, its challenges, and its needs for continuous support.

AMASS is inspired by the natural phenomena of avian migration coupled with Dr. Bondar’s lifelong passion for flight and her view of Earth.

Interdisciplinary and global, AMASS fuses environmental science, biology and dynamic imagery through photography of the natural world.



The Roberta Bondar Foundation publishes WINGS, The Foundation’s official newsletter. You will find access to the latest issue as well as information about past issues on the WINGS Newsletter page!



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