Lecture and Seminar Program

Sponsored lectures make substantial contributions toward heightening a population-wide appreciation of our environment and advancing our individual and collective desire to contribute toward its well being for today and tomorrow.

Seminars made available to groups within and beyond school communities, are both stimulating and engaging. The design of a seminar often begins with a focus on the artistry of a group of photographs that capture the beauty and majesty of planet Earth, such as in the boreal forest.

Purposefully sparking the interest and imagination stimulated through images, the session advances to group discussion and exploration of the photographs from a scientific perspective. How are the trees threatened? What species are at risk? What will happen in the longer-term with our changing climate? Memorable learning experiences are created and lives are inspired to look at the world through a new lens.

The Roberta Bondar Foundation Lecture Series and Seminar Program Photo Galleries.

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