Doing the Heart Good

On June 6, 1886, American physician and cardiologist Dr. Paul Dudley White was born. Student, practitioner, then educator at both Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, he began his medical career by developing a way to measure speed of blood coagulation. Shaped by family histories of heart health issues, White specialized in cardiology, dedicating himself to preventive heart medicine. Within the space of a year, he went from resident to Chief of the Medical Out-Patient Department.

White pioneered the use of the electrocardiogram [ECG] in the United States. White is considered the father of preventative cardiology in the U.S. – a practice that focuses on preventing heart disease before it becomes a problem. He became Chief of Cardiac Service at Massachusetts General, continuing his clinical instruction and leadership in heart research and education.

A staunch advocate of exercise, diet, and weight control in the prevention of heart disease, Dr. White was one of founders of the American Heart Association and the International Association of Cardiology. Boston’s 27 km (17 mi) bike path around the Charles River is named for him.

Map of the Dr. Paul Dudley White Bike Path along the Charles River, MA

Map of the Dr. Paul Dudley White Bike Path along the Charles River, MA


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