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On June 24, 1804, Austrian botanist Stephan Ladislaus Endlicher was born. He served as a Director of the Botanical Garden of Vienna. Endlicher helped establish the Austrian Academy of Sciences that promotes the sciences and humanities, especially in fundamental research and, today, is the country’s leading institution in the field of non-university basic research. A world traveller, Endlicher developed many interests and areas of specific expertise that led him to publish articles and reference materials on his own and with other scientists.

As the Curator of the Vienna Museum of Natural History, Endlicher established its botanical journal Annalen des Wiener Museums der Naturgeschichte. The museum was the eventual beneficiary of his herbarium of over 30,000 specimens.

For more than a half century, Endlicher’s Genera Plantarum served as a valuable descriptive index to plant families and genera. Many of his works are held in botanical and herbarium libraries throughout the world.

His name continues to be honoured in botanical examples that include: Endlicheria, a genus of the Laurel family; Grevillea endlicheriana, a flowering shrub native to SW Australia; and flowering Pelargonium endlicherianum, native to SW Turkey.

Pelargonium endlicherianum

Pelargonium endlicherianum

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