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On August 18, 1921, Canadian scientist and pediatric pathologist Dr. Maria Daria Haust was born in Poland. After graduation in medicine from the University of Heidelberg, she moved with her husband to Canada where she soon entered a rotating internship at an Ontario hospital. Although she completed her internship successfully, Haust stayed home to look after her two young children. Invited to do research in pathology, Haust found her future niche and moved from part-time to full time work in the discipline.

At Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital, she studied pediatric pathology. Here, examining children on ward rounds, Haust reckoned she needed more clinical knowledge to practice at the highest level she expected of herself. Not one to waste her time, she passed qualifiers within the year in Anatomical and Clinical Pathology of the Royal College Of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

She taught pediatric pathology and created course content at both Queen’s University and the University of Western Ontario where she created her own laboratory at a children’s research institute. Haust did not think of children as little adults. Their diseases and symptoms are varied and subtle. A great number of interrelated disciplines required attention to techniques in histology, cytology, chemistry, immunology, microscopy, and more. Haust spent a year in Oxford where she developed tissue culture techniques that she introduced to her laboratory on her return.

M Daria Haust, O.C. MD

M Daria Haust, O.C. MD

Throughout the honing of her career, Haust was active within her professional circles. She served on editorial boards of international journals, headed associations in pathology and pediatrics, and was the Founding President, Canadian Society of Atherosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology.

With her linguistic abilities and background of international study, Haust worked to broaden the reach and inclusion of international views and memberships in societies she joined, often organizing visas and joint meetings with professionals in other countries.

A Killam Prize winner in Medicine, Officer of the Order of Canada, Dr. Haust was emeritus professor, Department of Pathology at Schulich Medicine and Dentistry, University of Western Ontario.

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