Mingan Monoliths

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Location of Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve, Québec, Canada.

Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve LINK

Mingan Archipelago is a Coastal & Marine Biome with island ecosystems of eroding soluble sedimentary bedrock that provide shelter and habitat for regional vegetation, nesting birds, and marine life.

The Mingan Archipelago contains over a thousand islands, islets, and reefs of every size along a stretch150 km (93 mi); the land rebounding slowly after the last glaciation. Erosion from glaciation, weathering, and sea action have sculpted sedimentary rock from an ancient tropical sea worn into monoliths, rock arches, grottoes, flowerpots, and reefs from the underlying dolomite, limestone, shale, and occasional sandstone.

The western Islands sit in colder water that affects island climates and their marine wildlife. Sea currents provide a nutrient-rich aquatic environment for species from seabirds to whales.

Central Islands present the largest monolithic rock formations. Their diverse ecosystems include barrens, bogs, marshes, tiny lakes, and cliff-hugging white spruce.

The eastern islands, an especial haven for birds, is home to Québec’s largest migratory bird sanctuary.

The archipelago’s botanical diversity is equally spectacular with 150 species of mosses, 190 species of lichen, and 500 species of vascular plants including the archipelago-unique Mingan thistle and white lady’s slipper.

BIODIVERSITY CANADA’s Coastal Biome resource

BIODIVERSITY CANADA’s Marine Biome resource

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