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A sample of media articles about The Roberta Bondar Foundation, its educational programs and activities along with some of Dr. Bondar’s public appearances that reference The Foundation.

The National Wildlife Centre
Caledon ON
September 22, 2022

An Evening for Wildlife

The National Wildlife Centre prepares for its biggest fundraiser on September 22 to advance its ability to extend the best of human knowledge and care to animals who share our ecosystem.

Dr. Roberta Bondar continues her work for the environment through her support of the National Wildlife Centre as they work to expand and build a permanent structure that will enable better care to more wild animals while training more expert professionals who are on the frontlines and cutting edge of wild animal care. She reminds us that trained professional veterinarians who perform needed surgeries require a facility designed for best practices for optimal care.

Learn MORE! Help the National Wildlife Centre be all it can be!


Keri Ferguson
Western Alumni Gazette
Fall 2022

Blazing trails in space and on Earth

How Canada’s first female astronaut, Dr. Roberta Bondar, became one of Canada’s strongest advocates for our natural world.

Ferguson’s article includes nuggets and insights from Dr. Bondar’s groundbreaking journey on the International Microgravity Laboratory thirty years ago, through leading an international research team to study the effects of spaceflight on the human body, to her continued scientific research, today partnering with NASA as a principal investigator, focussed on how natural and human-inspired changes impact the safe passage of migratory birds.

Dr. Bondar’s current international project will offer a unique perspective on the lives of birds through images captured on land, by air and from space. Soon to find their new home in a travelling photo exhibit that will be part of the Protecting Space for Birds project initiative.


Curt Petrovich
CBC News
August 27-29 2022

How yeast experiments on Artemis I may help astronauts survive cosmic radiation in deep space

A Canadian trio speak their concerns and opinions about the effects of radiation on human beings who enter a space environment beyond the protection of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Sharing these, along with their suggestions, are pharmaceutical scientist, Corey Nislow, radiation biologist, Douglas Boreham, and astronaut-neurologist, Dr. Roberta Bondar.

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Faculty of Science
University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia
August 4, 2022

2022 LIPSON LECTURE Announced

Still exploring 30 years after her historic space voyage, Dr. Roberta Bondar will deliver this year’s Lipson Lecture. The astronaut/physician/scientist/photographer will address what it takes and what it means to shift one’s point-of-view to see and experience things in a completely different way.

Perspective Shift: Moving Beyond the Familiar to Reach for the Extraordinary

October 26, 2022 | 7:00 p.m. | Farquhar Auditorium, UVic

Tickets available starting September 14.
Phone: 250-721-8480
Online: UVic Ticket Centre


Teresa Kaszuba
The Morning Show on CHEX
July 14 2022

Young photographers immersed in nature for Roberta Bondar Challenge

Teresa Kaszuba interviews Cathy Mitchell, Program Supervisor at Riverview Park and Zoo, about the Roberta Bondar nature photo challenge. They discuss how Bondar Challenges invite youth across the country to connect with nature through photography in program versions for summer camps, online, or in-school. Then… Mitchell offers a photo tip from the program to help Kaszuba capture the next perfect photo.


Caroline McConnell
PeterboroughExaminer .com
Peterborough Ontario
July 9, 2022

“Roberta Bondar Photography Challenge is back!”

After two years of running their Roberta Bondar photography challenge virtually, the summer camp team at Riverview Park and Zoo and Otonabee Conservation celebrate the return of their Live, In-Person, On Location Summer Camp Bondar Challenge.

A feature of the Northcrest Ward, Riverview Park and Zoo has several locations within and around their grounds that also include several Otonabee Conservation trails. Perfect and varied locations for youth to engage in the Bondar Challenge of capturing a personal best image of their environment through the art of photography.

'Bee Positive' by Kayla Murduff

Throughout their annual Summer Camp Bondar Challenges, participants in the Riverview Park and Zoo program have produced many award winning photographs.


The Senate of Canada
Ottawa Ontario
June 21, 2022

“Visual Voices: Artists & the Environment”

Renowned Canadian artists Roberta Bondar and Edward Burtynsky are lending the Senate of Canada artworks that capture an aspect of climate change on Canada’s endangered species and natural landscapes.

MORE   “Visual Voices: Artists & the Environment”, an art installation at the Senate of Canada Building.


Rosemary Counter
FinancialPost .com
Toronto Ontario
June 21, 2022

My First Summer Job

Dr. Bondar shares the details of her six summers, starting as a teen, working with moths at a government-funded genetics laboratory. She received a clean white lab coat every Monday and an unlimited supply of spruce budworm moths. She learned she could do many new and different things and that if she tried she could also improve her skills at those too.

Dr. Roberta Bondar and Hyalophora cecropia one of North America's largest native giant silk moths

She learned to respect insects. Good thing, too, since insects were scheduled for observation in the Spacelab of her IML-1 flight!
Insects have complex responses to climate changes that impact our lives on Earth.


Stratford General Hospital
Stratford Ontario
June 8, 2022

In Our Hands

Dr. Bondar lent her hand today to help launch the Stratford General Hospital Foundation fundraising campaign, delivering her unique perspective on medicine, on team work, and on touching the lives of others. The Stratford General Hospital Foundation will invest funds raised into equipment replacements, technology updates, and new digital imaging.


W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology
  & Office of the VP Research
McMaster University
June 1, 2022

Perspective Shift:
Moving Beyond Familiar; Reaching for Extraordinary

In Dr. Bondar’s audio-visual presentation at McMaster, the topic of Perspective Shift included visualizing our planet without maps, seeing the Earth through a new lens and the importance of engaging the natural environment as a key to its protection.

Then, surprise!   The W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology dedicated a special plaque and spruce trees to honour Dr. Bondar, McMaster ’77, first Canadian woman and first neurologist in space.

W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology special plaque and spruce trees dedicated to honour Dr. Bondar, McMaster ’77, first Canadian woman and first neurologist in space
 McMaster grounds team student grp (Back L - R) Kyla, John, Matt (Front) Jelena, Gary (Grounds Supervisor), (Camera) Peyton
McMaster grounds team student grp (Back L – R) Kyla, John, Matt (Front) Jelena, Gary (Grounds Supervisor), (Camera) Peyton


Distillery District Magazine vol 72
Toronto ON
May 2022

Distilled Debrief!

Editor Keith Veira’s questions of Dr. Roberta Bondar reveal some of her unique, fascinating medical and technical insights. ★ Significant findings from her IML-1 flight that she discovered about human responses and our potential for living in space long term. ★ Weightlessness phenomena from changing blood levels to cognition shifts. ★ What we think we know about medicine but don’t when the mask of gravity is removed! ★ How medical labwork in space influences medical treatments on Earth. ★ How space program détente disperses in the nationalization, even militarization of space programs. ★ The vital importance of internet access to rural communities, to equalize access to knowledge and opportunity for all Canadian citizens.

The pages include examples of Bondar’s large format photographic works that are represented by the Loch Gallery, Toronto.

Check them out!



International Society of Automation (ISA)
ISA Calgary Show
May 11 – 12, 2022

The Space Quest Within Us

Dr. Roberta Bondar, Luncheon Keynote Presenter, May 11, discussed the intervening 65 years from communications satellites to present day robotics, as the ongoing human quest to explore and understand outer space.

The ISA Calgary Show offers its yearly two-day technical conference run in conjunction with its exposition, North America’s largest event for automation professionals, exhibitors, and visitors from around the world. The show offers opportunities for participants to share best practices, network with industry colleagues, explore the latest technology and solutions to improve quality, economies, efficiencies, and safety standards.

Can you ID all the TECH that you see?


OMATalks event
Ontario Medical Association
April 21, 2022

Healthy Planet, Healthy Population

On the eve of the UN’s Earth Day, this OMATalks event aimed discussion on the urgent need for the health-care sector’s immediate and positive action on climate change “to mitigate its severe consequences on human health and well-being” as presented in the OMA’s Prescription for Ontario: Doctors’ 5-Point Plan for Better Health Care.

Keynote speaker was Dr. Roberta Bondar, first female Canadian astronaut, the world’s first neurologist in space, and environmental advocate.

The event was open to all Ontario doctors and health-care stakeholders, all levels of government and the media. The format for the event was the panel discussion followed by a question-and-answer session.

Apr 22 2022
Solarina Ho, CTVNews. ca
Earth Day: Roberta Bondar says healthy population and healthy planet go hand in hand
Apr 22 2022
Anne-Marie Mediwake, CTV Your Morning, CTV .com
Dr. Roberta Bondar on climate change

Dossier OVNIS
COMING March 19, 2022

Dossier OVNIS ~ UFO file

Mélissa Offner hosts this documentary and discusses UFOlogy with enthusiasts and scientists from different backgrounds, like our Dr. Bondar, who will share their theories and experiences.

Dossier OVNIS is a cross-Canada quest to try to better understand inexplicable aerial phenomena in a truth-seeking journey.

Regardez-le ici!

United Nations
New York, NY
February 11, 2022

UN General Assembly President, Abdulla Shahid, In Conversation With Dr. Roberta Bondar

On the occasion of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, President of the General Assembly Abdulla Shahid launched a video podcast series entitled, “In Conversation with…”, to spotlight eminent persons, activists, and experts in priority areas related to his Presidency of Hope.

The first episode features Dr. Roberta Bondar, Canada’s first female astronaut and the first neurologist in space.

Dr. Bondar has previously taken part in events organized by the United Nations, including the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).

In the podcast, the President and Dr. Bondar discuss their mutual love of science, obstacles unique to women in pursuing a career in science, and her thoughts about what policymakers could do to support women and girls in the Sciences.

Heidi Ivany
SaultOnline .com
February 3, 2022

Space Exploration, unlimited potential – a conversation with Dr. Roberta Bondar

Ivany’s wide-ranging set of conversation points engaged Dr. Bondar in an entertaining and keen exchange that revealed several new insights into the shuttle launch, the possibility and search for other life signs in the universe, and how her charitable, non-profit The Roberta Bondar Foundation “connects people to the natural world, inspiring curiosity, respect for and conservation of the environment while building healthier lives”.

Check it out!


Terry Sheehan, M.P
House of Commons
February 2, 2022

Terry Sheehan, M.P., salutes Canada’s First Woman in Space

“Mr. Speaker, when people think of Sault Ste. Marie’s most notable individuals, one person always comes to mind. Dr. Roberta Bondar was born and raised in the Sault. She later went on to study at numerous universities and obtained a Ph.D. and a medical degree.

On January 22, 1992, Dr. Bondar made history as Canada’s first woman and the world’s first neurologist to enter space. This year marks the 30th year since her amazing mission. She is the recipient of numerous accolades, including a companionship of the Order of Canada. In addition to her extensive scientific career, she is an avid photographer renowned for her exhibits on nature. Dr. Bondar continues to be heavily involved in community work and champions promoting literacy, science and arts, and her foundation.

I congratulate Dr. Bondar on her 30-plus years of excellence. I thank her for all she does for Canada. She continues to inspire boys and girls of all ages to reach the stars. I ask members to please join me in congratulating Dr. Bondar.”

City Council Meeting
City of Sault Ste. Marie ON
January 31, 2022

Dr. Bondar congratulated on 30th anniversary of her flight on STS Discovery

Dr. Bondar was invited to be congratulated on becoming the first Canadian woman and the world’s first neurologist in space.

When her camera went live, a picture of Sault Ste. Marie taken from the International Space Station that she usually uses as a background for video conferences, somehow went into what she described as a “black hole.”

Dr. Bondar transmitted from the ‘black hole’, to make her remarks.

J.D.M. Stewart
TheHub .ca
January 24, 2022

2022 ~ a year to celebrate Canadian achievement

Leading through the New Year, Canadian historian J.D.M. Stewart selects some of the many important anniversaries from Canada’s past.
–   30th anniversary of Dr. Roberta Bondar’s flight
–   40th anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
–   80th anniversary of Canadians in Raid of Dieppe in the Second World War
–   50th anniversary of Paul Henderson’s winning Game 8 goal in Summit Series vs USSR
–   25th anniversary of publication of Mordecai Richler’s greatest novel, the 1997 Giller Prize-winning Barney’s Version

Darren Taylor
SooToday .com
January 23 2022

Celebrating Roberta Bondar’s flight 30 years later – ‘I don’t want to stop’

The virtual ceremony, An Evening with Dr. Roberta Bondar & Friends marked the 30th anniversary of Sault native Dr. Roberta Bondar’s launch as the first Canadian female astronaut in space on an eight-day mission aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery.

Taylor describes features from the celebration including tributes to Bondar from several well-known figures from a variety of professions. “I don’t want to stop,” Bondar said, reflecting on her adventurous life.

Canada’s first woman astronaut remembers her U of G roots University of Guelph News Services | GuelphToday .com | Jan 23, 2022

Day OF The 30th Anniversary Event
January 22, 2022


Roberta Bondar reflects on becoming first Canadian woman in space Michael Serapio | CBC News
Roberta Bondar, the first female astronaut from Canada, marks 30 years since her mission aboard Space Shuttle Discovery. She says the experience made her realize how much the Earth meant to her.

Canada’s 1st female astronaut reflects on growing up in northern Ontario  Morning North | CBC Sudbury
Bondar’s foundation recognizes Air Canada Brian Kelly | SaultStar .com
Air Canada has committed to achieving net-zero emissions in global operations by 2050. The company is a founding member of Aviation Climate Taskforce, formed to deal with rising carbon dioxide emissions from commercial aviation.

University of Guelph
GuelphBugle .ca
January 21, 2022

University of Guelph Alumna Roberta Bondar Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Shuttle Flight

In this press release, the University of Guelph, a co-sponsor of “An Evening with Dr. Roberta Bondar and Friends”, shares rare background facts about Bondar’s undergraduate schooling. The how and why she suddenly added a zoology major in her third year reveals her determination and sharpening focus in recovering from injury. It further explains how her University of Guelph mixed curriculum gave her a broad base for her future studies and subsequent careers.

Ben Evans
AmericaSpace .com
January 21, 2022

‘Vibration and Raw Power’:
Remembering STS-42’s Mission for Science, 30 Years On

How the catastrophic loss of shuttle Challenger then delays in rescheduling on Columbia then Atlantis moved the First International Microgravity Laboratory to Discovery. What the new inclined orbit allowed. How the crew was assembled and reassembled. How experiments meant for a two-week flight were managed in a non-stop two-team shift… in eight days.

A great read.

Day Before The 30th Anniversary Event
January 21, 2022


Alumna Roberta Bondar marks 30th anniversary of historic spaceflight”  | UTMiss
Dr. Roberta Bondar reflects on 30 years since the Discovery mission | Jeff McArthur and Carolyn MacKenzie | The Morning Show Global Toronto

Talking with Dr. Roberta Bondar | Noor Ibrahim | Global News Morning Peterborough

Catching up with Canadian icon Dr. Roberta Bondar | Antony Robart | Global News Mornings Toronto

Dr. Roberta Bondar looks back at her historic space trip, 30 years later | CTV Your Morning

Exclusive interview with first female Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar  | CTV Morning Live
Roberta Bondar: Trailblazer in space, explorer on Earth  Keri Ferguson | Western News
Astronaut Roberta Bondar is Cultivating Curiosity on Earth, 30 years after she saw it from space  Ivan Semeniuk | Globe and Mail
Roberta Bondar reflects on space flight, nature and the cake she almost didn’t have  Nicole Mortillaro | CBC News
– captioned photos
– video clips:
– Ian Hanomansing talks to Dr. Bondar about the legacy of her 1st spaceflight

– CBC National’s 1992 report on Dr. Roberta Bondar’s flight
– Astronaut Jenni Sidey-Gibbons shares her scrapbook with Roberta


The Roberta Bondar Foundation
Toronto ON
January 20, 2022


Lisa LaFlamme
CTV National News
January 19, 2022

Dr. Roberta Bondar, first Canadian woman to go to space, to mark 30th anniversary of groundbreaking work

Thirty years after becoming the first Canadian woman and the world’s first neurologist in space, Dr. Roberta Bondar joined CTV News Chief Anchor and Senior Editor Lisa LaFlamme for a one-on-one interview. Bondar told how, while travelling on orbit, the sight and experience of Earth as a planet below her sparked her desire to pay more attention to what was on its surface. LaFlamme led her into reflections on how astronauts working in space and recovering after flight lead to new discoveries and benefits to helping humans on Earth.

She continued over a range of topics from space tourism to diversity in crew selection to how Learning is a lifetime activity with the Sciences developing certain skill sets and the Arts giving us ways to create with them and to express ourselves.

Full interview: Dr. Roberta Bondar, first Canadian woman to go to space, to mark 30th anniversary of groundbreaking work

Shaye Ganam
CHED Mid-Morning with Shaye Ganam
January 19, 2022

Roberta Bondar reflects on being first Canadian woman in space

Ganam and Bondar discuss Life experiences. Bondar acknowledges she has several peaks in her life and preparing for a flight after the Challenger accident was certainly one of them. But the on-orbit eyeball-filling darkness of space around our planet and the thinness of our atmosphere appearing against it were some motivators in pursuing her next three decades:
supporting two dozen missions of astronauts and cosmonauts cope in microgravity and back into gravity and pursuing how these techniques, tests, and new knowledge knowledge help people on Earth with various diseases
leaving research to take large format cameras into all our national parks then onto other arid edges of the planet
using the Foundation to help others share what is precious to them about the natural environment and others connect/reconnect to the natural world for good mental health and creative stimulation.

Explore. Learn. Enable others to. Repeat.

Chris Knight
National Post .com
January 18, 2022

Thirty years on, ‘spaceman’ Roberta Bondar is still flying high

Chris Knight can ask questions! His interview with Dr. Roberta Bondar covered wide-ranging discussions from
recordings of Canadians she took into space with her and when she played them on orbit
how physical and visual experiences of seeing Earth’s edge and realizing how small we are becomes a perspective-shifting moment missing Earth sounds like birdsong
her internationally designed AMASS | SpaceForBirds project to research endangered bird species, to understand habitats and help conservation efforts
her belief that although we’ve engineered some of the difficulties we now face, we can also engineer the solutions
how astronauts really want to discover stuff, to explore
how eloquent Shatner was on his return from his brief time in space
how sunsets lead to stars and a whole new world … and its promise
that spaceflight gives us the opportunity to view for the absolute first time ever so many things we still don’t know about the human body
and more, much more. For full interview: Thirty years on, ‘spaceman’ Roberta Bondar is still flying high!

Bob Weber
The Canadian Press
January 18 2022

‘It gets better’: Roberta Bondar reflects on being first Canadian woman in space

Weber interviews Dr. Bondar about the 30th anniversary of her flight as Canada’s first woman in space. Bondar recognizes that she’s had the three decades to view the time of her flight with the further experiences she’s had and the wisdom she’s gained and sees that moment in her life differently.

As the world’s first neurologist in space, she’d spent eight years preparing for the flight and the following decade working in space medicine and academia.

Bondar says that the physical and visual experiences of seeing Earth’s edge and realizing how small we are becomes a perspective-shifting moment. Determined to motivate people to love our natural environments, she continues to capture large landscapes from around the world to bring environments without visible borders or human presence to viewers in galleries, books, and travelling exhibitions with components from her Foundation’s educational and research programs.

For full interview: ‘It gets better’: Roberta Bondar reflects on being first Canadian woman in space


Piya Chattopadhyay
The Sunday Magazine (CBC)
January 16 2022

Roberta Bondar left Earth 30 years ago and never saw the planet the same after that

Thirty years after becoming the first neurologist and the first Canadian woman in space, Dr. Roberta Bondar joins Chattopadhyay to reflect on her historic mission and legacy. She also shares her lifelong passion to help Canadians embrace creativity and curiosity about the natural world, and talks about the work that still needs to be done to make space programs more inclusive.

Canada’s 1st female astronaut challenges space program to evolve

Brian Kelly
www.SaultStar .com
January 15, 2022

Canada’s first woman in space wants us back on the moon working at research stations

Kelly reports Dr. Roberta Bondar favours humanity’s best next step in space exploration is a return to the moon “to challenge ourselves differently.” To really understand radiation ~ how our bodies respond to radiation changes ~ how we develop treatments or cures for cancers and other disease.

On the topic of space tourism, Kelly writes that Bondar found William Shatner’s response about his experience looking at our planet was eloquent. She found it comparable to what working astronauts experience although working astronauts also experience added senses of purpose and importance in the work they do while on orbit.

When asked about the upcoming 30th Anniversary Event planned to celebrate her launch on the First International Microgravity Laboratory, Bondar says she knows little of what will happen that evening but glad of its global outreach. Proceeds benefit The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s educational programs and research projects.

Said Bondar, “We’re trying to extend the reach nationally and internationally because our programming is international. Our view and our vision goes beyond the political boundaries of Canada. It goes to where Canada fits in the global environmental community, where we fit in the globe. We’re not just a separate entity where the border stops.”

Full Interview: 30 years later, Bondar wants us back on the moon

Keri Sweetman
Ontario Medical Review
January 12, 2022

Still exploring 30 years after space voyage

Sweetman reveals the passion and purposeful care of physician Dr. Roberta Bondar for her planet.

Following insights from the astronaut’s view of Earth from the orbiting Spacelab, Sweetman expands on Dr. Bondar’s activities after landing.
Pioneering Space Medicine research and applying lessons learned to understanding neurological illnesses.
Exploring world landscapes featured in exhibitions and books.
Pursuing and developing education programs for youth to explore their natural environment.
Designing and guiding her internationally supported project – AMASS | Space for Birds – to track the migratory pathways and their perils for endangered species.
Joining her Ontario doctor colleagues to work for political action to be taken immediately on climate change to mitigate its severe consequences for human health and well-being.

She leaves us recognizing Dr. Bondar’s optimism “about the potential of human creativity to ensure the future of the natural world.” Quoting the ever-exploring doctor, “To be able to look up at the sky, to be able to actually look at ourselves as a life form and wonder, I think that is the greatest gift and I hope I never lose it.”

The Roberta Bondar Foundation hosts a virtual Evening with Dr. Bondar to celebrate this historic space voyage, Saturday, Jan. 22. Entertainment ~ Stories ~ Q&A. Grab your own ticket to The Event!

January 12 2022

Canada’s first female astronaut celebrates her 30th anniversary

Dr. Roberta Bondar talks to Andrew Carter about the 30th anniversary of her flight aboard the First International Microgravity Laboratory on Space Shuttle Discovery.

You can grab a ticket to this anniversary celebration right here!

The Roberta Bondar Foundation
Toronto ON
January 6, 2022

Jan 10 2022
SooToday Staff, SooToday .com
New national award planned by the Roberta Bondar Foundation
Jan 7 2022
Brian Kelly, SaultStar .com
Bondar’s foundation launches new award
Jan 6 2022
SooToday Staff, SooToday .com
Roberta Bondar Foundation announces launch of new award

Collection #NationalBirdDay
Storymaps ArcGIS .com
January 5 2022

AMASS Storymaps grouped with “Birds of a Feather”!

The ArcGIS collections team includes The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s AMASS StoryMap series in their bird map collection to help celebrate 2022’s National Bird Day (US).

You’ll find us here with some of our colleagues dedicated to the many aspects of exploring & tracking bird migration
– USFWS | Migratory Bird Management
– Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center | Conservation Science
– National Audubon Society
– Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Flocking together to protect and provide Space For Birds.


Distillery District Magazine vol68
Toronto ON
January 5 2022

Dr. Roberta Bondar ~ Scientist, Teacher, Photographer

The cover of the latest Distillery District Magazine features Dr. Roberta Bondar, and both a discussion of her photography and some of her works that are represented by the Loch Gallery, Toronto.

Check them out!


93.3 myFM News/Classic Rock staff
www.GoNorthumberland .CA
January 4 2022

Virtual Celebration planned for Dr. Roberta Bondar
on January 22nd

Preparations continue ahead of the 30th anniversary of Dr. Roberta Bondar’s flight aboard the First International Microgravity Laboratory on STS Discovery as the world’s first neurologist in space and Canada’s first female astronaut.

Jan 12 2022
Andrew Carter, CJAD 800 AM
Jan 6 2022
News Staff, Freq 90.5/Oldies 96.7 News
Final preparations being made ahead of Dr. Roberta Bondar virtual evening

Toronto MIKE’D
December 29 2021

Mike in deep converse with Dr. Roberta Bondar

Mike delves into several topics with Dr. Roberta Bondar engaging her in questions about the 30th anniversary of her mission, her perspective on nature, climate change, space tourism, personal inspiration, space dangers and more.
Tune in! Toronto Mike’D’s podcast Episode #976


Humble & Fred Show
Toronto ON
December 22 2021

Humble & Fred chat with Dr. Roberta Bondar

On their morning comedy-talk podcast, “Humble” Howard Glassman & Fred Patterson discover “we have an astronaut on the show”!
Tune in! Humble & Fred’s podcast Episode #256


The Jerry Agar Show
December 15 2021

Jerry Agar chats with Dr. Roberta Bondar

NEWSTALK 1010 Radio’s Jerry Agar talk with Dr. Roberta Bondar this morning covered moments of space launch, growing up w/ space travel on her mind, William Shatner’s emotional reaction to the visible frailty of Earth’s atmosphere, and some of the discoveries from space flight and their medical applications to Earthlings.

Dr. Bondar revealed plans for the upcoming 30th Anniversary celebration of her historic flight aboard STS Discovery’s First International Microgravity Laboratory. She invited listeners to grab a ticket and join the virtual Evening with some friends.

NEWSTALK 1010 Radio’s Jerry Agar talk with Dr. Roberta Bondar

Some Comments from Listeners:

***** Montreal QU Dec 15, 2021 10:02

I remember seeing Roberta Bondar at Hamilton Place, matte maybe later 80s/early 90s, where she spoke to a theatre full of school kids. It is easily one of my best memories as a child, though I was too young to remember the presentation, it still left a favourable impact on my life of science. Thank you Michael in Caledonia

***** London ON Dec 15, 2021 10:04

Roberta is from my home town Jerry. Quality person and maybe underappreciated as a ground breaker. Her mom was my teacher in high school and I went back eventually and taught at the school with her mom as a colleague. I was invited to the launch but a medical issue prevented us from going. Big regret for me but I gave her a recording of the high school band to play in space lol. John Bawating C&VS. alum Sault Ste. marie ontario

***** Toronto ON Dec 15, 2021 10:10

I am from Sault Ste Marie. My mother who would be 93 now would talk about you to us regularly. She was so beyond impressed by you

***** London ON Dec 15, 2021 10:11

Please clone Dr Bondar Sandra London

The Dogood Press
Education / Technology
December 3 2021

A Supersonic Rocket named Bondar

Roger Fisher reports that University students belonging to the Cosmic Research association of the Terrassa School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering (ESEIAAT) of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) celebrated the launch of “the most powerful suborbital supersonic rocket ever built in Catalonia.”

The rocket was christened ‘Bondar’ in honor of Dr. Roberta Bondar, the first female Canadian astronaut in space and who participated in the 1992 Discovery mission.

The avionics are modular and consist of the engine module, recovery module, and an avionics module.

Launched at the end of November, the Bondar is the most powerful suborbital supersonic rocket in Spain devised by university students.


The Roberta Bondar Foundation
Toronto ON
November 17, 2021


Sharing Space with Dr. Roberta Bondar is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, and Alexa.

Nov 16 2021
Brian Kelly, Sault Star online
Roberta Bondar’s move to interviewer’s role ‘intriguing’
Nov 16 2021
Kenneth Armstrong, SooToday .com
Dr. Roberta Bondar flips roles to become interviewer in new podcast series
Nov 12 2021
Brian Kelly, Sault Star online
Roberta Bondar launches her podcast

The Roberta Bondar Foundation
Toronto ON
November 2021
On November 1st, we launched the #BondarInspires campaign to ask Canadians to share their stories of Dr. Bondar – the first time they learned about her, saw her speak, read her work, met her, and how that has inspired their lives. So far, we’ve received over 100 stories across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, with thousands of likes, shares, and comments.
You can see them all by searching the hashtag #BondarInspires on any of those platforms, or look at some of our favourites and responses here!


You are welcome to add your own #BondarInspires story on any of these platforms.

The Roberta Bondar Foundation
Toronto ON
November 2021
30th Anniversary Event!

As she circled Earth aboard Space Shuttle Discovery, Dr. Roberta Bondar, the first female Canadian astronaut and the world’s first neurologist in space, saw our planet from a different perspective.
It was during that historic flight that she committed to combine medicine, scientific research and knowledge of the environment to build hope for the future of humanity.
That eight-day journey also inspired this foundation to do just that.
Join us to celebrate this special anniversary at a virtual evening with Roberta and a host of great Canadian entertainers, leaders and luminaries.
Nov 22 2021
Kenneth Armstrong, SooToday .com
How experiences growing up in the Sault led to Roberta Bondar’s mission in space
Nov 19 2021
88.7 myFM News staff, NapaneeToday .ca
Celebrations planned for 30th anniversary of Dr. Roberta Bondar going to space
Nov 17 2021
96.7 News staff, PTBOtoday .CA
Celebrations planned for 30th anniversary of Dr. Roberta Bondar going to space
Nov 5 2021
Brian Kelly, Sault Star online
Bondar’s space flight recognized

Riverview Park and Zoo / Otonobee Conservation Authority
The Peterborough Examiner
July 27 2021
Summer Camp Bondar Challenge at Riverview Park and Zoo
As camps slowly recover from last year’s closures, we are happy to see them return to programming that connects youth with nature and allows them to explore their surroundings.
The Riverview Park and Zoo delivers the Summer Camp Bondar Challenge to youths ages 9-15 in partnership with the Otonobee Conservation Authority as two-week programs. Participants learn a variety of basic to advanced photography techniques which they can apply as they explore the outdoors.
Caroline McConnell spotlights its Summer Photography Contest.

Last year, The Riverview Park and Zoo programs produced many award winning images from participants!
The Riverview Park and Zoo Information and Camp Registration.


Canadian Federation of University Women – Northumberland
30th Anniversary scholarship fundraiser
September 8 2021
30th Anniversary Scholarship Fundraising Event
Dr. Roberta Bondar is the scheduled guest speaker at CFUW-Northumberland’s upcoming 30th Anniversary scholarship fundraiser. Her subject? Counselling views that are Open to the Universe ~ Changing Perspective on a Moving Planet
A moderated Q&A is planned to follow this Zoom presentation.

Above & Beyond; Canada’s Arctic Journal
Inflight Magazine for Canadian North
June 25 [July-August] 2021
Species at Risk
A recent collaboration between The Roberta Bondar Foundation and Wood Buffalo National Park-Parks Canada appears in this summer’s edition of Above & Beyond; Canada’s Arctic Journal.
The article, Species at Risk, briefly reviews the current status of the last wild, migratory flock of Whooping Cranes, North America’s largest bird.

It introduces the newest tool to augment the extant programs that monitor the Whooping Crane. Project designer-photographer Dr. Roberta Bondar’s Space For Birds | AMASS research project links ground, aerial, and satellite photography perspectives to provide and document more detailed information on the risks, distances, and flightpaths the Whooping Crane takes in land, water, and air environments.
What can a collaboration of perspectives produce? Check out the AMASS Species Migratory Journeys individually featured on their individual species StoryMaps.
RELATED: NASA releases its new ISS research feature on our Space Station Images Trace Bird Migrations.

Anishinabek Nation
First virtual Migizii Doodem (‘Eagle Clan’) Forum
May 13, 2021
Looking Forward
Canadian astronaut and neurologist Dr. Roberta Bondar was honoured to provide the keynote presentation at the first virtual Eagle Clan Forum. Coming together to host this virtual event, the Anishinabek Nation Education Secretariat and Labour Market Development Department focussed this 3-day conference on emerging opportunities in education and employment.

Dr. Bondar, who thrives on Looking Forward shared her views that there are unlimited ideas yet to be tapped and discovered about the universe, about our planet, and about ourselves, emphasizing the future demands for innovation.
“We want to remind our people, our young people, that things may be strange and different now, but there is a future, and we want everyone to be invested in it, in learning, in knowing, in being connected to where we’ve come from and where we can go,” says Polly Bobiwash, Director of Labour Market Development Department. “It’s different, but it’s exciting.”

Houston TX
NASA Johnson
May 7, 2021
Space Station Images Trace Bird Migrations
NASA released its new ISS research feature on our Space For Birds | AMASS research project in time to share on World Migratory Bird Day 2021.

AMASS project designer-photographer Dr Roberta Bondar, ISS astronaut-photographer Dr. David Saint-Jacques, and CEO Payload operator Andrea Meado relate their unique project views and commentary.
The ISS images are part of the space station’s Crew Earth Observation [CEO] project that has supported AMASS since 2016, by photographing locations of bird migration across the globe, for example, along the migratory paths of Lesser Flamingo, Piping Plover, Red Knot, Whooping Crane, and other species.
What can a collaboration of perspectives produce? Check out the story map of the Red Knot.
The AMASS Species Migratory Journeys are individually featured on their individual species StoryMaps
The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s Space For Birds | AMASS research project will host future exhibits and educational events.

Toronto ON
The Roberta Bondar Foundation
Apr 28, 2021
This Is Our Shot, Canada!
Dr. Roberta Bondar joins with thousands of Canadians to share her COVID-19 vaccination message for This Is Our Shot CA campaign. Speaking as a photographer, a physician, a neurologist, and an astronaut, she encourages us to complete our own vaccination path not only for ourselves and loved ones but also for those whose lives have yet to begin.
Once she is fully vaccinated, Dr. Bondar looks forward to resuming her international Space For Birds | AMASS research project documenting the lives and perils of endangered and migratory birds as they travel the world.


Dallas Fort Worth Texas
Consulate General of Canada in Dallas, United States
Apr 12, 2021
International Day of Human Space Flight
Making her splash in the southern U.S.A., Betty Beaver fosters friendships as she uncovers neat nuggets of neighbourly similarities and differences between Canadians and southwestern Americans.
Today, Betty interviews Dr. Roberta Bondar, the world’s first Neurologist in space and Canada’s first female astronaut, to celebrate the United Nation’s International Day of Human Space Flight
Dr. Bondar talks about her most favorite memories growing up in Ontario and wanting to be an astronaut, the connection between space exploration and Nature conservation, her connections to the Southwest U.S., the the Whooping Cranes in Port Aransas, and how you can explore both Nature and space up close and comfortable while stuck at home!
Betty is destined to continue busy as a beaver for the Consulate General of Canada in Dallas Fort Worth.

Toronto Ontario
Mar 16, 2021
Launch Day! Engineering Our Future Campaign
Launched online today on and in the National Post, the Engineering Our Future campaign.

Dr. Bondar details the need for and value of Diversity in education, cultural life experience, team collaborations, and group fieldwork.
“The Engineering Our Future campaign aims to bridge the knowledge gaps around equity in engineers, types of engineering, and the importance of the industry to Canada as a whole.”

International Space Station
Mar 2, 2021
International Space Station Images Trace Bird Migrations
The latest report about our AMASS SpaceForBirds project is featured in today’s ISS Research News. Images are part of the space station’s Crew Earth Observation (CEO) project that has supported AMASS since 2016, by photographing locations of bird migration across the globe, for example, along the North American migratory path of the Whooping Crane.

The Space Station Research article outlines the international scope of AMASS, designed by Principal Investigator and Project Lead, Dr. Roberta Bondar, bringing its growth and achievement into current focus. Canadian astronaut Dr. David Saint-Jacques shares his point of view as a space station’s Crew Earth Observer who contributes to Bondar’s ground and aerial documentation.
Already the project’s bird migration images & species information are incorporated in the CSA’s Exploring Earth, an educational project using photos from space on an interactive map.
The Roberta Bondar Foundation’s AMASS project will host future exhibits and educational events. Its research group is creating online story maps to provide information about the biology and survival perils for each of seven species, along with images, video, and maps of land use changes.
What can a collaboration of perspectives produce? Check out the story map of the Lesser Flamingo.

Toronto Ontario
Harbourfront Centre
Jan 16, 2021
Northern Ontario Diaries
Ten Northern Ontario personalities served up ten individual story slices from their lives in the auditory travel experience, Northern Ontario Diaries. Each person related their own story in their own voice – told from different locations around Harbourfront Centre / Ontario Square – QR-code activated and/or speaker broadcast.
Dr Roberta Bondar told her Moon Story as she joined fellow Northern Ontarians Patrick Hunter, Stephanie Piché, Barbara Nolan, Adrian Sutherland, Eva Bonjour-Liss & Luke Dinan, Annette Pateman, Jean E. Pendziwol, Waubgeshig Rice, and Wayne Taipale.

Northern Ontario Diaries
January 16–February 7, 2021 / 10am–10pm


Toronto Ontario
The Roberta Bondar Foundation
Jan 15, 2021


Jan 2020
Canada’s 90 Greatest Explorers: Vital insights

Canadian Geographic, magazine of the The Royal Canadian Geographical Society selected Dr. Roberta Bondar for her continued natural world exploration & communication skills to represent all Canadian astronauts, as one of 90 men & women who have made “major contributions to our understanding of Canada’s history and geography.”

Dr. Bondar inspires “a new generation of explorers, who are able to communicate about our natural world through science and fine arts.”
Apr 2020
Our New Online Bondar Challenge!
We launched our Online Bondar Challenge – to give youth, their families and the public a chance to explore some of the acclaimed learning resources and activities we created for schools and several types of outdoor camps.

Visitors all welcomed to use The Foundation’s resources & discover how science, art, math, and language weave into a single program.
Sep 2020
AMASS – SpaceForBirds Launches Its Website
The AMASS research project, also known as “Space for Birds”, now stretches its organizational wings to present enlarged, layered, and super detailed perspectives on the migratory pathways of several threatened and endangered avian species.

Bondar’s lifelong passion for flight and her view of Earth inspire her commitment to examine these migratory routes through the fusion of art and science.
Dec 2020
EcoSchools Canada teams up with The Roberta Bondar Foundation
As the largest bilingual, environmental certification program for kindergarten to grade 12 schools in the country, EcoSchools Canada makes available the Bondar Challenge to schools across the country as a part of the EcoSchools certification program.

Launched on Dr. Bondar’s 75th birthday, this partnership celebrates her ongoing contribution to inquiry, creativity, and conservation of the natural world.


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