Hoodoo Gorge

Dr. Bondar talks about making this image:

Location of Dinosaur Provincial Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Alberta Canada.

DINOSAUR Provincial Park LINK

UNESCO World Heritage Site LINK

Hoodoo Gorge is a desert biome located within a prairie ecosystem featuring high winds and low precipitation.

Seventy-five million years ago rivers carved their way through this dry Grassland. Deposits of mud and sand from these ancient rivers are evident in the walls of the hills and hoodoos where there are many layers of weathering from water and wind erosion. The rocks that sit on top are called cap rocks and are harder stone (iron oxide in sandstone) than the sandstone at their base. The differential weathering of these rock layers cause the harder cap rocks to remain on top of the softer sandstone. Eventually, the cap rocks fall as the softer base breaks down.

BIODIVERSITY CANADA’s Grasslands Biome resource

EXTRA STUFF about the Hoodoo Gorge and its image-taking!

view of Dinosaur Provincial Park environs

Distant view of Hoodoo Gorge location

Dr Bondar takes light meter readings

Dr Bondar uses loupe to check sharpness of image


Don’t forget the dinosaurs!

video -- Dinosaur Provincial Park: Land of AweMore water from rain and seasonal flooding eroding the valley walls will reveal new dinosaur bones. The material around the bone will be scraped away to recover as much of the remains as possible.

Wind erosion reveals extinctions, continuing the erosion that water runoff and flash floods carve through soils.

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