Elisabeth Mann Borgese
and World Oceans Day


World Oceans Day and Professor Elisabeth Mann Borgese, CM, are forever linked. “The Oceans are our great laboratory for the making of a new international order, based on new forms of international cooperation and organization, on new economic theory, on a new philosophy.”
– Elisabeth Mann Borgese
Called “The Mother of the Oceans”, Mann Borgese was an internationally recognized expert on maritime law, international policy, and environment protection. Her legacy is multi-dimensional, and her 1972 founding of International Ocean Institute, is now an international network of 38 Centres and/or Focal Points and an enduring gift to us and to our planet.

Each year, IOI Canada organizes the annual Elisabeth Mann Borgese Ocean Lecture as part of a series of events to mark World Oceans Day.

2019 poster: Elisabeth Mann Borgese Ocean Lecture



Mann Borgese was an outstanding leader committed to encouraging a global system of ocean governance to better the futures of all. She wrote widely about ocean governance, heritage, and its global primacy.




And, yes! as a German Research/Survey Vessel, ELISABETH MANN BORGESE continues ocean study. Check the ship out and see where she is working today.



2018 Deutsche Post Centenary Commemorative

Elisabeth Mann Borgese – Centenary Commemorative [Deutsche Post]


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