Dr. Roberta Bondar Days

January 22 -30, 2017 were proclaimed as Dr. Roberta Bondar Days by the City of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario! The Dr. Roberta Bondar Days were one of the City’s key initiatives to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. These also celebrated the 25th anniversary of Dr. Bondar’s flight aboard Discovery on NASA’s historic First International Microgravity Laboratory [IML-1], STS-42 mission.

At the first City Council meeting of the year, Councillor Susan Myers set the moment by asking Council members and the Sault public to recall the excitement and pride of those days in the accomplishment of fellow Sault native, Dr. Bondar.

After a short video from the CBC archives recaptured some of the national excitement of those moments, Mayor Christian Provenzano made his official proclamation. Mayor Provenzano invited Dr. Bondar to join him on Canada Day as the City’s Honorary Ambassador to preside over its 150th Anniversary of Canada Day Celebrations in Roberta Bondar Park. Wicked!


As Councillor Susan Myers mentioned in her introduction, The Royal Canadian Mint struck its own silver coin to commemorate this mission with its own special launch in Sault Ste Marie to celebrate the occasion of the flight’s silver anniversary.


City of Sault Ste Marie Council gets its party on!
[Courtesy of SooToday]



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